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Ceiling lamp with motion sensor

Smart-Series LED Lamps with Motions Sensors

Are you looking for LED lamps that can light up automatically on detecting motion of someone getting closer? Are you searching for a lamp that doesn’t need any switch, and can make your whole room or hall illuminated with less energy consuming lights?

Yes, yes, you got it right, Ledel Company has all the modern lighting solutions that are stylish and highly cost-effective. Our company has a wide experience in manufacturing LED lamps with sensor using cutting edge technology, and use of bulbs which are quality tested in our labs under supervision of highly technical and skilled professional.
Feel yourself at home with LEDEL company latest LED lamps with sensors. Our lights provides you a warm soothing feeling as your turn it on. Our range comes with warm and white light with a long lasting lifespan. It provides you amazing power efficiency and saves up to 90% on power bills.

LED Lamps with Sensors That Last Longer

The LEDs light always stay in demand for their less energy consuming, and energetic properties. Our LED lights and lamps with sensors are available in various modes, from dim lights for a romantic evening or bright white light for enhanced illumination. These lights operated under very low voltage and are highly energy-saving. Be it a LED lamp with sensors or LED bulbs with the twilight sensor; both are suitable for brightened interior lightning, no matter for which purpose you need.

Some highlighting features of LED lamp with sensor are mentioned below

  • They’re highly efficient
  • Safe to use
  • Environment safe
  • Variety of colors

In this competitive era, where other LED lightning companies focus on the pressure of time and the need to show returns, we proudly stand apart for innovation and durability – and offer outstanding products at a most reasonable price.

Applications of LED Lamps with Sensors

Since LEDs are engaged lights, they demonstrate best at particular lighting activities, for example, work area lights, security lights, spotlights, perusing lights, night lights, complement lights and lighting for signage.

LEDs are currently used for a wide variety of different applications such as:

  • Residential lighting
  • Aerospace industry
  • Architectural use
  • Automotive lighting
  • For Broadcasting
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Entertainment & gaming,
  • The military
  • Traffic & transportation

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Technical Specification

Model no.VoltageWattLumenT [Kelvin]RaBeam
IP dass
CL-M220-240 v15 w1050 lm3000-6500 k≥ 80120°330x95mm25.000 hAIP20


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