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A60 with motion sensor


It lights up automatically when motion is detected.


Storeroom, Bathroom, Garage, Corridors, Stairwells etc.

Energy-Saving Smart Motion Sensor LED Bulbs

Are you frustrated to walk into your dark room and have to struggle to find the switch of your light? Obviously yes, The Ledel Company brings the best solution for it by offering the best energy-efficient LED bulbs with motion sensor. The motion sensor LED bulbs at LEDEL Company are intelligently designed to response as soon as it detects any motion.  Now, you don’t need to rush to the light switch every time you enter or exit from your room.

The radar sensors installed in the LED bulbs with detect any motion within its radius and is more responsive, sensitive and penetrating then standard infrared motion sensors. The Led bulb with motion sensor is not only best for interior home lighting, but it can also be used as the best security tool to make your house secure from any random incident. Even, if you are conscious of the security of your office premises, you can get them as an ultimate security solution.


Get Motion Sensors Bulbs at Exclusive Discounted Price

The Ledel Company is China’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality LED bulbs with motion sensors offering limited time discounted offer with money back guarantee. These are optimal for security purpose and are extremely easily to install with standard fixtures and holders. We have complete variety of motion sensor LED bulbs for indoor and outdoor applications. These range of LED bulbs are perfect for areas where you don’t visit much or where finding power switches is hard due to darkness.



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Technical Specification

Model no.VoltageWattLumenT [Kelvin]RaBeam
A60-M-470220-240 v6,5 w470 lm3000-6500 k≥ 80160°E27,B2225.000 hA+no
A60-M-638220-240 v8 w638 lm3000-6500 k≥ 80160°E27,B2225.000 hA+no
A60-M-806220-240 v10 w806 lm3000-6500 k≥ 80160°E27,B2225.000 hA+no
A60-M-1055220-240 v12 w950 lm3000-6500 k≥ 80160°E27,B2225.000 hA+no
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