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A60 with day/night sensors


The integrated photo-cell controller switches the LED light ‘ON’ automatically
at the onset of dusk and ‘OFF’ again at dawn.


Storeroom, Bathroom, Garage, Corridors, Stairwells etc


Illuminate Your Home with Dusk to Dawn LED Bulbs with Sensor


Enjoy complete of ultra-energy saving LED bulbs with dusk to dawn sensors by Ledelampa. This LED is the smartest replacement of conventional 50w 60-watt incandescent bulbs with much brighter illumination.

It comes with an auto ON/Off feature making it an ideal to use for porch, hallway, patios and garage. It comes in both warm and bright variants to set your mood accordingly.

LED bulbs with dusk to dawn sensors are free from any flickering without the likes of light degrading with the passage of time.  You can simply install all of our LED lights very easily by just following step by step manual present inside the box.

The LEDEL company guarantees that our LED bulbs with dusk to dawn sensors offers very high brightness of up to 800 lumens while consuming only 9 Watts of energy.


The LEDEL company manufacturers LED dusk to dawn lights to serve a wide range of illumination applications with very easy installation. It can be installed to standard light sockets and fixtures and comes in warm and bright variants.

All of our offered LED bulbs with sensors are non-dimmable with sensors that turns it off and on in the dawn and dusk respectively. The integrated photo-cell controller switches the LED light ‘ON’ automatically after sunset, and it gets ‘OFF’ again as the sun rises

High-Performance LED Light Bulbs for Your Everyday Need.

Tired of turning off and on your light every time you leave or enter your room? Ledelampa takes care of this for you by introducing world’s best LED bulb with dusk to dawn sensor that can be installed with any time of fixture.

Our dusk to dawn LED lights are equipped with super-sensitive sensors that turns on and off lights automatically by sensing any presence or movement within its range. You don’t need messy and complicated installation to fix it. It can be fixed with any per-installed fixtures in any room.


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Technical Specification

Model no.VoltageWattLumenT [Kelvin]RaBeam
A60-LS-470220-240 v6,5 w470 lm3000-6500 k≥ 80160°E27,B2225.000 hA+no
A60-LS-638220-240 v8 w638 lm3000-6500 k≥ 80160°E27,B2225.000 hA+no
A60-LS-806220-240 v10 w806 lm3000-6500 k≥ 80160°E27,B2225.000 hA+no
A60-LS-1055220-240 v11 w950 lm3000-6500 k≥ 80160°E27,B2225.000 hA+no

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